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Dental practice for individual
consultation & treatment

From your arrival to your dental treatment our ZahnOase (Tooth Oasis) assistants will make sure that you feel as pleasant as possible in our practice.

Your Dental Practice in Berlin Tegel

Besides the preventive dentistry we have our attention on aesthetics. We can support your nice smile with a metal-free dental prosthesis or make your teeth looking much brighter. Having our own laboratory and specially trained assistants we are able to deliver the highest quality to fulfil any aesthetical demands. In our special consultation hours we are able to consult you personally about the following topics:

  • Aesthetics
  • Implants
  • Pain (Head & Neck)

Our Claim

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We here at the ZahnOase have all a very simple but clear goal:

„To satisfy your requirements“

According to surveys a visit to the dental practice should be pain-free and under professional circumstances and in an environment, that should not remember you on a „dentist“.

There are indeed procedures to treat nearly pain-free. Specific prearrangement measures and techniques make this possible. Even without general anaesthetics.

Methods of treatments that are based on scientific basic principles and our long experience and proven alternative knowledge are the foundation of every professional practice.

Who would not like to be in bright and great designed rooms which invite you to relax? Without annoying noise or smells?

If you add the friendly and courteous behaviour of all of our staff, than the above mentioned aim should be attained.

We have created this friendly environment for you and would like to welcome you with our motto: „Please feel well“.

Our Practice Rooms

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Address & Treatment Schedule

Treatments: Daily upon arrangement (at weekends for businesspeople).


  • Dr. A. von Germar
  • Schloßstraße 2
    DE-13507 Berlin - Tegel



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